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The Writing is on the Berlin Wall

Peace Love Unity- East Side Gallery, Berlin

I mentioned a few posts ago that I am reserving my judgment of Berlin until I visit it again on my own. But, I did really really love the East Side Gallery, as much as I loved the artwork, I love the messages written on the wall even more. Here are some of my favorites. 


Dawn of Peace- East Side Gallery, BerlinSuch a beautiful statement!

Drown Investors Dreams- East Side GallerySo glad that for now, there will be no hotel where the gallery stands.

Get Human- East Side Gallery, BerlinGet Human

Many Small Places- East Side Gallery, Berlin

Many Small People Who in Many Small Places Do Many Small Things That Can Alter the Face of the World.

 die bestandigkeit der ignoranz- East Side Gallery, BerlinThe Resistance of Ignorance.

Leave Us Kids Alone- East Side Gallery, Berlin

Love Make Better Persons- East Side Gallery, BerlinYes!

No One But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds

Fuck You- East Side Gallery, Berlin

With Silence Comes Peace- East Side Gallery, BerlinNot sure I agree with this. 

So Stark Und Dochverletzbar Das Volk, Der Mensch Der Wald Der Baum

Trust in Life- East Side Gallery, BerlinTrust. 

He Who Wants the World to Remain- East Side Gallery, Berlin

I Want This Place to Stay Like it is Now.

I hope you enjoyed the messages as much as I do. Which one resonates with you the most?


I'm Heading to Berlin and ITB in March!

You guys, I am so excited to tell you that I am going to be in Berlin from March 6th to 10th! I'm going with my university. It will be my first time in the city, my first time staying in a hostel (I'm so sorry roomies, I snore), and my first time going to a travel industry event! I'll be at ITB, which is the largest show in the travel/tourism industry on the 9th. I'm really looking forward to the networking opportunities, so if you are going let me know! 


I must confess, my knowledge of the city is strictly limited to WW2, the fall of the Wall, and watching Cabaret. I also know that everyone I know who has been loved it and that there is something called Museum Island. Since, I am going with my university, there are a lot of preplanned activities but there is a lot of free time as well. So, I want to know, what do you love about Berlin? 

Flickr Image:  Some rights reserved by korbatz




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