Utrecht Fabric Market

Lapjesmarkt or Fabric Market

Yesterday, I finally made my way to the Center for Utrecht's Saturday Lapjesmarkt or Fabric Market. This market is on Breedstraat, located near the Neude and has been going on for over 400 years. You read that correctly, there is a market in my new town that has been going on longer than my home country has been a country! The first market took place in 1597 and was a semiannual event. Today, the market is every Saturday from 8:00 to 13:00. That's right, I actually tell time like that now. 

Utrecht's Lapjesmarkt, Fabric Market

This is canvas, how cool is that! 


Utrecht Fabric Market


With a setting like this, it is easy to picture yourself back in the Renaissance. 




You can get anything from terrycloth to tulle!


Utrecht Fabric Market

Utrecht Fabric Market

Seriously, how incredible are these colors!



It was an incredible way to spend a gorgeous morning in Utrecht. The prices were really competitive too and it made it even harder to not try to make a case for that sewing machine I want! 

Open air markets are a great part of living in Europe, which one's are your favorites? 


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