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I know, I know, you should never judge a book by its cover. But sometimes, beautiful covers can lead to beautiful stories. When I first got my kindle, a cover on the Daily Deal caught my eye. It was so pretty that I barely, read what the book was about I just hit purchase. A few months later, there was another beautiful cover for less than 3 dollars so I bought that one two. Then another, finally I realized that all these books I was buying soley based on the beautifulness of their covers were by the same author, Susanna Kearsley. Since I had amassed about four of her books on lack of impulse control, I finally set about to reading them. 

As it turns out, I love Susanna Kearsley's storytelling. Each one of her novels are set in throughout the United Kingdom with some element of the paranormal. Besides the interesting turns into the fray, her novels have strong characters and her descriptions of the landscape make you feel like you are there. I might also have more than a little thing for old English cottages which play so heavily in her stories. I'm going to go through her novels in the order I've read them.

Mariana: Julia Beckett has always been in love with a house she say when she was a child called Greywethers. Her whole family thinks she is a bit crazy for buying the house, but she is so drawn to it. As it turns out, Greywethers is exactly where Julia belongs, and has for centuries.

Shadowy Horses: This is tied for my favorite of her novels. Archeologist Verity Grey decides to escape London for a bit and help out her old professor on a dig to find a lost Roman legion, what she learns it that some of the legion never left. 

The Winter Sea: Carrie McClelland is a bestselling historical fiction writer who is in Scotland chasing up a lead. What she finds is a story she never expected and unbreakable ties to a place she had never been before. This is tied with Shadowy Horses as my favorite. 

The Rose Garden: The novel I am currently reading. Eva Ward returns to Cornwall where she spent her childhood summers to bring her newly deceased sister to her final resting place. She rekindles her relationships of both the recent past and the very, very distant past. 

Kearsey has other novels and I am sure I will read those as well. Maybe I should get a job as a book blurb writer. Have you ever read any of Susanna Kearsey's novels? What are you reading this summer? I would love to know!

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