Queen's Day

The Last Queen's Day

Yesterday, we here in the Netherlands welcomed in our new monarchs. That's right, we now have a king, King Willem Alexander. I could go more into the monarchy, and maybe one day I will, but what is important for now is that yesterday was not only Queen's Day, next year we will have King's Day, but that it was the last one for the foreseeable future. Last year, the Verlo and I braved the trains and ventured up to Amsterdam. This year with the stepping down of the Queen taking place in Amsterdam, we decided to forgo the insane crowd and stay in Utrecht, after all, I have never celebrated Queen's Day in my home city. 

One thing I noticed is that in Amsterdam the crowds are everywhere, in Utrecht they are in a few key areas around the city. I also noticed a lot more performers in Utrecht that I did last year, but that could just be that I walked around and last year we found a great spot and stayed there. Either way, Queen's Day is awesome!

There was music everywhere!

These kids were playing Smoke on the Water, pretty impressive at their age!

And these girls were singing the Andrew's Sisters, I love how eclectic the city is. 

One of the things about Queen's Day is that it is the only day of the year where markets are free to have. Hence you get everyone sharing their junk! 

This little girl was dressed as Pippi Longstocking. Fun fact about me, the year I went as Pippi for Halloween was my favorite costume ever!

And of course, some people party a bit too hard. I have no idea where this guy thought he was going to climb to, but he was unsuccessful. 

Off course, you need to have lots of orange decorations!

The Dutch may love Willem's wife, the newly crowned Queen Maxima, even more than the king.

Have you ever been in the Netherlands for Queen's Day?


This Week In Instagram Vol.2

It's that time again! Welcome to Volume 2 of This Week in Instagram! 

Dawn breaking on Queen's Day! I was so excited that I didn't sleep at all! Actually, this is not that unusual an occurrence! Insomniac, thy name is Kaitlin!

The awesome headband I made for Queen's Day! Yes, that is Atticus in the background!

There were ducklings being hatched in some half sunk boat on Queen's Day! Why are there so many half sunk boats in Amsterdam?

The crowd on Queen's Day!

The boats looked fun, I would say next year. But I have an irrational totally rational fear of boats!

I find it funny that these people wanted a deck so bad that they built a raft that is only accessible from  crawling out their window and down the ladder. 

This is my the bookmark I made. Isn't it cute!

What did your week look like? 


My First Queen's Day!

Monday was my first Queen's Day! For those of you who haven't experienced it, think of it like a giant block party, only every block in the entire country is having a party and a garage sale at the same time. Now combine that with boats, and the color orange, and epic levels of intoxication. Then you'll get the general idea. 

Since this year was my first Queen's Day experience, we decided to go up to Amsterdam to really experience it! My friend Amanda and her husband came with us, and we met up with my girl Lily, some of her friends, and our new blogging bud Sherisa

We mostly hung out in the grassy knoll of the weteringcircuit-

Then an entire parade of Hare Krishna's passed. Their outfits were so beautiful to go along with the orange theme-

Eventually, the newbies decided to go explore the city.-

Then we found this, we didn't eat there, but it is on my to do list-

And at the Museumplein-

I thought it was nice that they had some volunteers to pick up trash-

Eventually, The Verlo and I had enough of walking around, so we went back and found Lily, who I totally jacked this photo from- 

As you can see, it was an awesome day! Start planning your visit now kids! 


5 Things I'm Looking Forward To!

Alright, yesterday's post left me in a bad mood. To make up for it, here's another one of my famous list's of happiness! This is what I am looking forward to in the near future:

1. Queen's Day: In celebration of the Queen's Birthday, although it is actually the date the current queen's mother's birthday, people take to the street in Orange, the national color and my favorite! To drink beer, buy random crap, and dance. I haven't been before, but in my mind I imagine it to look like the scene in Chasing Liberty when Mandy Moore finally makes it to the Love Parade. The Verlo and I are heading up to Amsterdam to hangout with one of my favorite's!

2. I look forward to hopefully finding out when and where I will start my Inburgering Classes. I have a feeling this will happen in May.

3. Book Clubs in May! Which means I will meet some new peeps!

4. The trial study day for a school I am in the middle of the application process for is in May. I got  the good news yesterday that I passed a major step of the admissions process, I've got a few more to go, but I have confidence. 

5. I have made some awesome friends here, I can't wait to see what we will get up to next month!

What's happening in your life that makes you sunny side up?

flickr image by: jerrroen


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