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This Week In Instagram Vol.7

This is my first week of dealing with school/work/life balance, since moving to The Netherlands. It was a challenge as my Nederlands classes are very fast paced and intensive. They require a lot of self study. Which is something I will need to keep in mind, especially in September when I add going to my Tourism Program fulltime as well.  It is really interesting because I only have 3 more weeks of class before we break for a month and a half. When I start my lessons back, I will be in a new class, because I have to switch to nighttime lessons. I did however, take some cool pictures. 

I am lucky enough to get to go to the beautiful village of Oudekerk aan de Amstel (Old church on the Amstel) twice a week. It is located on the Amstel River, in case you couldn't guess, just south of Amsterdam. This is one of the two churches in the town, but I believe this one is the Oudekerk. 

I pass a lot of swans out in the Dutch Countryside. I still think they are majestic, because they are not something you see in the wild where I am from. Hence, I snap lots of photos.

On my walk home from my inburgering classes, I sometimes get to pass by this building. It is actually the Dutch National Mint of Utrecht and has been around since 1567! 

Did I mention that weather this week has for the most part been dark and foreboding? This was especially true on Wednesday, when our football team lost to Germany. This was a bar in Bilthoven that was in the spirit before the game. Was the weather foreshadowing the results of the game?

In addition to be tourist season here, it is also baby bird season! Here are some swanlings that I have been watching grow for the last few weeks.

Speaking of cute babies, here is another unusual place Atti found to sleep.

I didn't blog a lot this week. This week I promise to do better! What did your week look like?



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