A Bus Tour Through Frankfurt

I think I mentioned that when my mom was visiting we went on a very brief trip to Germany. Even though I live just next door for almost a year now, I had never actually visited the country. So, we decided to take a weekend trip to Otterbach, a tiny town just out side of Kaiserslautern, in order to visit one of my mom's greatest friends of the last 35 years. We decided that we would go by train. We left Utrecht and took the ICE high speed train to Frankfurt. We had about a three hour layover in Frankfurt so we decided the best way to see it in such a small time would be a bus tour. Here are some of the pictures I took. 


The Train Station

Despite what you might think, German is not actually that similar to Dutch.

Europeans everywhere love the terrace garden. 

I take lots of pictures of churches...always. 

That's it, just a few short hours and we were back on the train to continue our journey. I would like to return when I have more time and visit some museums. Have you ever been to Frankfurt? What did I miss? 


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