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3 Ways to Beat Those the Winter Blues

It is freezing this week in the Netherlands. Beautiful, but freezing. Which means that trains aren't running as frequently, causing me to have to leave two hours early to make it to my final. I also totally ate it and slid like a meter on the snow leaving my whole body sore. See that kids, I said meter, I'm becoming so European. All these factors can come together to create some winter blues. 

I'm doing my best to combat these, here are some of the solutions I have found:

1. A nice cup of tea. In the States, the only tea I would drink was sweet. Hot tea was just something I did not do. Lately, especially since working at a company with so many European Internationals, tea drinking is part of the culture. I am pleased to say that I am now an  avid tea drinker. Personally, I find that the tea I favor tend to have flowers or mint in them. My mom recently sent Loek and I the yellow submarine tea strainer, I can't wait to get some loose leaf teas to try it out.

2. Sweaters. I just bought this Mango sweater from Mode Republik. Having enough sweaters to layer is key to staying warm this winter. I love the embellishments on the sleeves. Hopefully it will come today so I can make sure it fits!

3. My kindle paperwhite. When my old kindle broke, I was heartbroken. I use it everyday! Which id why I am so glad I splurged on the paperwhite. Plus, it has the added bonus of being backlit and the ability to turn the light down so that I don't disturb sleeping people. Some of the other features I love are, the ability to change font, the touch screen, the timer for chapter, and the book covers instead of just names of the books, so I can remember why I selected the books in the first place to add to my collection. Since I have a smaller reading goal of just 75 books this year, I am curling up with the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy. 

What keeps you from beating the winter blues?

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March Photo Challenge: Day 18: Corner of My Home

I never want to hear my American friends complain about their limited closet space again! This is my closet, it is less than than a meter wide. It does have some drawers which did not make it into the picture. I have to switch out clothes with the season.

One of my big regrets is how many clothes I actually brought with me. A lot of them have no place in my new life and I find myself wearing a bunch of the same things over and over again. It could just be that it is winter. I'm not sure, I am going to give it another season before I completely clean house. I felt the need to bring a lot of clothes with me because clothes are much more expensive here in Europe, however, people here also dress differently. I wonder how long it will take me to start blending in and dressing like a chic European lady?


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