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28 Things Before I'm 28!

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Today, I turn 27.  This year, I really thought hard about my list of things I want to accomplish before this time next year. I think I did so horribly last year on my list because I didn't make a plan for how to achieve them. This year, theses are being printed out and posted. No more out of sight out of mind. Here goes the list!

  1. Learn Dutch: This is my number one priority this year. I know, I say this every year, but this year there will be no other distractions. 
  2. Learn to Sew: I really really want to learn to sew. Really really! Someone teach me please?
  3. Ride my Bike to Work: My new job participates in the National Bike Program, which means that I can get a brand new bike for very cheap. It would take me 40 minutes each way, which is less time than the bus takes.
  4. Grow my Blog: Just be a blogger in general. What kind of posts do you like? What do you want to see from me?
  5. Be a More Active Commenter: I am such a blog creeper, its time to start connecting with my favs!
  6. Organize More Blogger Brunches: Ladies it has been too long!
  7. Become a Better Photographer: We just bought our first DSLR and now, we want to learn how to use it. And, I want there to be more photos here in each post.
  8. Take Care of my Health: It is time to get serious about my health, especially since there might be a   chance there might be babies in the not so distance future. 
  9. Start Exercising: There is a gym less than a 2 minute walk from my flat. I need to at least check it  out.
  10. Try a New Sport: I promised my doctor I would.
  11. Write More Letters. This is one of the reasons why I love the Snail Mail Collective. I can't wait to introduce you guys to my partner this month!
  12. Be a Better Godmother: Being far away from my family is the only thing I hate about living abroad. I'm going to make more of an effort to have regular skype dates with my godbabies!
  13. Skype More with Friends: I miss you guys! Thanks for still making the effort to be my friend even though I live so very far away.
  14. Become a Better Cook: We have been stuck in a rut. I want to try new recipes and different cuisines from around the world. 
  15. Do More Online Courses: Just because I'm not in college anymore doesn't mean I don't want to learn. 
  16. Save 1/3 from Each Paycheck: Just because I am making more money doesn't mean I need to go on a spending spree. This is a mistake soo many of us make.
  17. Finally Put Pen to Paper on 1 of the 3 Novels Floating in my Head:
  18. Go on More Dates: Hooray for having the same days off as your love!
  19. Develop a Personal Style: I am the queen of t-shirts and jeans, which is great if you are in college, not to cute when you are now 3 years shy of 30.
  20. Keep the House Company Ready at All Times: I hate hate hate cleaning, but I do love how relaxed  and inspiring a clean house can be. I also want to have dinner parties.
  21. Hang More Photos: We have lived here almost two years and there is no art on the walls! No wonder I don't feel like this place is super cozy and welcoming. 
  22. Explore more of the Netherlands: I have more weekend time off to go and explore some places a slightly longer train ride away from Utrecht. 
  23. Take Full Advantage of my Vacation Days: One of the best things about working in Europe, the amount on vacation days you get!
  24. Dance in my Kitchen: Because it makes me happy!
  25. Watch Every Episode of Gilmore Girls, Again: Even though I love living in Europe, I really wish that Star's Hollow existed. 
  26. Appreciate the Magic of Everyday Life: It is easy to appreciate the big events in your life, but appreciating the little things in life can go a long way towards making you happy. 
  27. Accomplish my List this Year: Last year, I lost focus on what I wanted. This year, I am going to check back on my list to remind myself what I wanted to accomplish. 
  28. Be Happy!

Whew, 28 things is a lot of stuff! Think I can do it?

Tell me, what do you want to accomplish this year? How do you keep yourself motivated?

Until next time,



27 Things Before I'm 27 Revisited!

My 27th birthday is in a week! As is my tradition, last year I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish before this birthday. I'm not sure how much I accomplished this year, the list kind of took the back seat. All I can do is make better decisions about what to add to this weeks list.

  1. Get Top Marks this year in my HBO Program.This is no longer an issue because I decided not to continue with the program, but with the exception of spanish, I did pretty well for myself. 

  2. Pass the Staatsexamen or NT2, with this I will get a diploma stating that Nederlands is my official second language! Dutch took the back burner this year with my degree program, and having to learn spanish. I am going to recommit myself to learning.

  3. Read more classics! I read a few classics, but not enough to cross it of my list. 

  4. Try 3 New Sports. Nope, not even one, unless you count running in dunes playing laser tag!

  5. Learn to love my bike. I ride it more than last year, and now I am getting a new one! 

  6. Leave The Netherlands this year. I made it to Berlin, and in 10 days, I will be flying to the US.

  7. Go to more Festivals. I forgot about this one! I still haven't been to a concert! 

  8. Work Hard. With going to my degree classes fulltime, my dutch classes part time, my job part time, and wanting to start a more vigorous exercise program. My new motto is going to have to be Work Hard to Play Hard. I worked really really hard this year. Next year I may have to take it easy.

  9.  Run in a race this year. Nope, exercise was not high up on my list. 

  10. Write a novel. Again, school and work took over.

  11. Be more socialable. I have friends, but sometimes I am too much of a hermit, and I get really intimidated in large groups of other women.I even started a blogger brunch to make new friends! 

  12. Stop Comparing my Life to Others.  I've mostly done this, you should too, it is the best thing I've ever done!

  13. Do more art.

  14. Learn to Meditate. 

  15. Practice my cartwheels.

  16. Furnish the Kitchen. I have dreams of a crockpot and immersion blender. I've done all of this including  a new fridge and stove!

  17. Learn to sew.

  18. Join more clubs. Really, I should put attend more club meetings also. Or start new ones!

  19. Be more organized Still need to work on this at home but I'm working on it!

  20. Make meal plans.  Do this, it makes your life sooo much easier!

  21. Spend more time in the Southern and Eastern parts of The Netherlands. I haven't gone exploring there yet. Still haven't been, no weekends off. Until now, I'm going to start exploring when we come back from the States.

  22. Become a morning person.It wasn't easy when you worked until midnight, but I managed to wake up in the AM hours, so I think that counts. 

  23. Continue to grow my blog. Oh little blog, we have so much work to do on you. 

  24. Continue to save for retirement. Bad, Kaitlin. 

  25. Eat more veggies! Turns out I like most of them, who knew?

  26. Keep better in touch with friends and family in The StatesI'm going to see you very soon!

  27. Do what I say I am going to do and honor my commitments. 

Like I said, Not the best. Tune in next Wednesday for my whole new list! What did you accomplish this year?


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