March Photo Challenge: Day 15: Car

I don't have a car here. Actually, neither of us have our driver's license for The Netherlands. I honestly don't miss having a car at all. I love public transportation and even when I had a car, I always tried to pawn off driving on someone else. 

To be honest, the thought of driving in The Netherlands scares the crap out of me! There are bikes that you have to dodge, the tiniest parking spots known to man, and most of the time you have to parallel park. * I can't parallel park, I failed this part of the driving test but because of my sparkling smile, still managed to get my license.* 

One of the odd things they have here in The Netherlands is the little car above. It drives in the bike lane, not on the road and can't go past like 10 miles an hour or something.

Here is my bike, probably the closest think I will own to a car for years. You can accessorize it just like you would a car in the States. I haven't done it yet, but one day I will trick it out. 



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