Weekly Wishes vol 7

Weekly Wishes Georgia Peach Abroad

We celebrated Thanksgiving a little early around here, because of course you don't get Thanksgiving off when you live abroad. It was such an awesome night. All the food was really good, and my friends were so sweet to try and make side dishes that in their opinion were very American, so I wouldn't feel homesick. This years, very expensive turkey was amazing, I adapted this recipe from a beautiful mess. I am proud to say that I accomplished all but one of my wishes last week, and I learned that I love having people over, something I have never really done before. 

This week, my goals are really simple. 

  1. Meet my sales quota, it is the end of the month and behind is not where you want to be.
  2. Make an editorial calendar and think about how to start the new year off fresh. 
  3. Go to Amsterdam to pick up my bike. 

What do you want to do this week? Happy Thanksgiving! 

Until next time,