Weekly Wishes Vol 3

Weekly Wishes 3 A Georgia Peach Abroad

I am linking up with Melyssa from the Nectar Collective for her Weekly Wishes link up. Each week you are meant to come up with weekly goals and share some love with your other linkies. On an unrelated topic, I have noticed that the more I work in an international office the more I say the word meant. Actually, a lot of my vocabulary has changed. 

Last week. my only goal was to celebrate my 2 years of living in the Netherlands. I didn't get to celebrate quite the way I wanted it to due to Dutch weather being well, Dutch weather. We did however book a trip on the 3 triple border (The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium) for a weekend in December!

This week, I want to focus on 4 things:

  • Continue to be a morning person. I really feel so much better when I wake up early, but I love being in bed, so it is a long struggle.
  • Finalize my plans for NTVN- Tune in on Wednesday to find out what the heck that means.
  • Send off some of the packages I need to send. The only time I hate not having a car, when I have to go mail something big!
  • Meet my targets at work. I had a really kick ass week last week, and I want to keep it up!

What are your plans for the week?

Until next time,


The Nectar Collective



Your December trip sounds amazing! I would love to live in Europe and have such easy access to other countries! Good luck "being a morning person"- I'm not a morning person myself but I am trying to be more so. I figured out that I love getting my errands done early in the morning but I am just so bad at getting myself out of bed. I hope you do better than me at that one! - Lauren 

I really haven't taken advantage of the whole living close to other countries. That'll be my New Year's resolution. I have figured out that my problem is that my Fiance is a multiple snooze setter and the mini wakeups are tiring me out. I'm a pop out of bed kind of girl. 

Yay! Have fun on your December trip!! 
Don't worry, you're not the only one struggling to get out of bed every morning. It's really hard but waking up doesn't just make you feel better, it makes you feel productive too!