This Week In Instagram Vol.2

It's that time again! Welcome to Volume 2 of This Week in Instagram! 

Dawn breaking on Queen's Day! I was so excited that I didn't sleep at all! Actually, this is not that unusual an occurrence! Insomniac, thy name is Kaitlin!

The awesome headband I made for Queen's Day! Yes, that is Atticus in the background!

There were ducklings being hatched in some half sunk boat on Queen's Day! Why are there so many half sunk boats in Amsterdam?

The crowd on Queen's Day!

The boats looked fun, I would say next year. But I have an irrational totally rational fear of boats!

I find it funny that these people wanted a deck so bad that they built a raft that is only accessible from  crawling out their window and down the ladder. 

This is my the bookmark I made. Isn't it cute!

What did your week look like? 



That's one of the things I like about the canals of amsterdam, all the half sunken boats becoming homes to the ducks.