Save or Splurge?

If you were suddenly 700 dollars or 519 euros (aren't exchange rates fun?) richer would you save it or spend it? 

Yesterday out of nowhere, I received a refund for overpaying on a loan, that I paid off a few years ago. Pretty awesome right? Now what to spend it on. The practical side of me, the one that puts a third of her paycheck into savings each month, would normally just save it. But the more fun side of me, really, really, really wants a new couch. This time the more fun side of me is going to win, it just has to. When I moved to the Netherlands, I inherited the Verlo's standard ikea couch that every college student has. It is short on style and way short on comfort. Plus, we have lived here for almost two years and the only homey thing we have done to the space is paint one wall dark purple. Its like we live in a dorm. 

Yes, I am justifying my spending needlessly to you readers. But, sometimes it helps to talk things through, you know? Don't worry, when I redo the living room, I'll totally show you guys! 

What was your last splurge? Are you more of a saver or a spender? 



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I rarely ever come into a large sum of money, but when I do, I try to put at least a little of it away in my savings. That way when I splurge on something I feel slightly more responsible than I would if I had just blown the entire amount.
That said, sometimes you just have to treat yourself. When are you ever going to have an "extra" $700 come your way? I say get the couch and maybe pull a few more dollars from your next paycheck to put into savings -- if you really want to :)

Easy... split it!  Save half & spend half!  :) Danica

Ohhh! Splurge! I think we spend so much time planning and saving for the future and sometimes forget about the "now". 
Absolutely love the idea of a dark purple wall!!!!!