Rooting for Two Teams Equally?

It has been Olympic Central at the house ever since 10pm on Friday night. The Netherlands are an hour ahead of London time, so I got to watch it live. It actually was just ending when it started playing prime time in Atlanta. This year, watching the Olympics is totally different for me. Not only because I am not rooting for two teams, but also because I actually miss NBC's coverage of the Olympics. 

Right now, our cable has the Olympics on four different channels. Two Dutch and two BBC, while I am enjoying switching in between the two different countries channels, The BBC mostly shows the events that Team Great Britain are competing in and the Dutch are showing the events that are interesting to Nederlanders. It makes sense, but I miss hearing the stories of my native American athletes. Also, these are the first summer Olympics since my own hometown's hosting in 1996 that I have been in a time zone to watch all the events live, maybe this is the reason that I feel like there is not as much information on the screen during the events about the times, etc. 

People have been asking me who it is I am rooting for this time. Am I rooting for the USA more because I am an American, or The Netherlands because this is where I plan to take up permanent residence? I'm not sure why I would have to choose, so here is my answer. I cheer for both equally. I just want my two teams to win as many medals as possible. 

I will say though, when it comes to being stylish at the Opening Ceremony, Nederland has you beat America.

Who are you going for? What is your favorite Summer Olympics Event?




hey there! i'm *finally* here in nl with my wonderful hubby! got in friday afternoon. and today, while visiting his family, we watched some of the women cycling. and i was very proud to cheer for marianne vos. so, yep, like you i shall cheer for both teams equally.

Yay! It is so exciting you are here! Vos was soo good! 

I definitely enjoyed watching the woman's road race this morning (EST) with Marianne Vos winning. I was definitely cheering. Afterwards, I heard that it was as sure as it seemed, since she has a tendency to be very close to winning a race, and then somehow loses it right at the end.
But I was clueless, so it was a lot of fun to watch.