Preparation Tuesdays- Atticus Edition 1

I am bringing my cat to The Netherlands with me. His name is Atticus, he just turned a year old and he thinks I am his mother. Not in the normal way that people claim their pets are like their children. You see, I got Atticus when he was very young, too young in fact to be away from his mother.

I found Atti on Craigslist, yes I know, I should have gone through the ASPCA or Humane Society, but really I just skipped a step. Atti was up in Braselton, a good hour away from Atlanta on a good day. I drove up after work to see this kitten when he was about 5 weeks old. I feel in love and was told that they would hold Atti for me until he was old enough to be away from his mother. ( His mother was a stray cat that had her kittens in the peoples bush). I had just made it to my exit when I got a call, saying that the kittens were being taken back into the woods by their mom and that they had managed to grab Atticus, if I wanted to come back and get him.

I drove all the way back to Braselton, stopping along the way to get some cat milk substitute at the pet store and a syringe,(he wasn’t on solid food yet) I came home on my lunch break everyday for 2 weeks to feed him his fake milk in wither the syringe or in a bottle. You can see why Atti thinks of me as his mommy.

When I decided to move to Holland as opposed to having Loek move to the States, Atti was a huge factor. I could not imagine leaving him, but I did not want him to have to be quarantined for 30 days. Luckily, there are ways to get him to the country without having to do that process.

If you are planning on moving a pet. Your first call should be to the Consul of the Country you are planning to move to. They can provide you with the necessary forms you need to have completed by an USDA accredited vet.( It would also be a good idea to ask about any fees you will have to pay at customs for your pet, thank you Holland for being 0!) The Netherlands requires an EU Form 998 Veterinary Certificate. Atti will have to get a rabies shot as well as a few more vaccines and a microchip. This has to been done 90 to 21 days before we depart. Be sure to check the specifics for where you are moving. You then have to get the form certified by the USDA. You should send this in at least 2 weeks before departure.

After looking into what is required to bring your pet over by the country you are choosing to move to,you should then start looking into what airlines will actually transport your pet over. For me, I did not want Atti to have to transfer planes, so I choose to go with either Delta or KLM, as they were the only ones to offer a direct flight from Atlanta. In the end, I chose to go with KLM, even though really they have a partnership with Delta, so it isn’t a huge deal. I choose KLM because they are in charge of pets at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, and also because they had the best flight time. I will be landing in Amsterdam at 1:05 pm , local time on October 5th.

The last thing that you have to decide, is where to keep your pet on a flight. I debated for a long time about where to keep Atti, with me or in the cargo. In the end, I decided that with such a long flight, Atti, myself, and the other passenger's would be happiest if he was not in the cabin with us. You see, I was on an hour long flight on my way back from Philly after my layover from Amsterdam and there was a dog on the flight. Worst flight of my entire life. I also have to purchase an airline approved car carrier.

So far, I have not gone through the process of getting Atti moved, but I will keep you updated as I move through the steps.

Yes, that is my fiancee in the picture, and no, Atti is not actually that huge!



What do you mean he's not that huge? He looks HUGE! 

It is just some weird angle, he is the smallest of the cats currently at my parents house. You shall see in Sept 

I'm bringing my kitty to NL too! I have no idea where I will put his litterbox in our place though. We definitely have to do some rearranging there.

I will bring my kitty onboard with me though. I worked as a flight attendant and heard horror stories. I will just choose a seat in the back in hopes he doesn't cause a ruckus. I read somewhere to use peepads in the carrier, the peepads absorb odor and are easy to clean. Also don't forget that you'll have to remove your cat from the carrier when going through security. I plan on getting him used to a harness, I'll put the harness on him before we leave for the airport, that way I can easily hook the leash on him at security; once we get through security I'll take him to a family bathroom and take the harness off him before the flight. 

Also don't forget that it needs to be a Euro microchip because the American chip won't register with a Euro scanner. Common mistake a lot of people make, so their cats have to end up getting two chips!

Hey Casandra, 

Thanks for the advice, I will definetly make sure Atti has the right chip. I also made the decision that he is going in the cabin with me. To hell with other people, he is my baby, 

Aww Atticus will do just fine. As long as he knows you're nearby and can smell you he'll be ok. I read about some homeopathic tinctures that help too.

I saw somewhere online where you can order the Euro chip yourself! If its cheaper than getting it from a vet I will go that route. Its so confusing! My cat does not have cat-AIDS! Here's a link to a good article about the chips.

Any recommendations for a vet in the ATL area?