Photo Dinsdag: Knit-bombed Leiden

Leiden is one of my favorite cities here in The Netherlands. It is full of history, and I will feature it in a City Guide soon. Since today is my first Photo Dinsdag, I decided that my first entry should be the lovely knit bombed Leiden. Knit bombing has been popping up in cities around the globe for a few years now, and this is how it is done, Dutch Style!




Hi there,
I know this is off topic but I was just wondering..exactly how and where did you and your fiance meet? Its pretty interesting and unusual since you´re from the states and he´s from Europe.
Keep up the good work, i really enjoy reading your blog!

Hey there! Thanks for reading!
There are actually a ton of ways people from different countries meet and fall in love. 

  • Studying Abroad
  • Vacation
  • International Pen Pals
  • Through Friends
  • Online

I have some expat friends who have met there partners in all of these ways. There are some inconsistencies in the story I told my friends when I first told them about Loek, but the truth is we met online, on a dating site, even though neither of us knew it was a dating site when we stumbled upon it. We were friends first and then when I broke up with my boyfriend, he came to the States to meet me. The rest is history. 

Thanks for responding.. well, sounds sweet!! Wish you guys all the best and congrats on the upcoming wedding!