In Memoriam: Atticus Hawthorne Baak July 2010 to December 27, 2012

This post fills me with such sorrow. Last Thursday, Loek and I had to put our beloved cat Atticus down. He suddenly lost a lot of weight and was sleeping a lot over Christmas so we took him into the vet when it reopened. We were quickly told that he had an incurable virus and which was made more complicated by his inability to breath through his nose. Because he was in so much pain, we really had no other choice. 

For those of you who have been reading for a long time, you know that I brought Atti with me from the States. He was the best cat that anyone could ever ask for. 



Oh, how awful. I'm so sorry.

So sorry to hear about your kitty! My thoughts and prayers are with you

So sorry to hear about your lost.