March Photo Challenge: Day 2: Fruit!

Today's topic was almost enough to derail my efforts on the second day of the challenge! You see, I am not a fruit person. I much prefer vegetables and I am more of a savory person then a sweet one. If I do eat a fruit, it has to be something relatively exotic for me to enjoy it. I'm not sure if it is the taste of things like mangoes, star fruit, and dragon fruit that I like or that it is not run of the mill. I may need to examine this further. Anyways, here are some mangoes, taken at my local supermarket. Yes, we have grocery stores here in The Netherlands. 



What kind of fruit seems popular in the Netherlands?
Your photo is of some pretty exotic SE Asian fruit. You can find these in Atlanta, too, but mostly in high end stores like Whole Foods, and perhaps in small quantities in some of the other more mainstream grocery stores.
I doubt these are particularly popular in general. Here it's pretty much just apples, orananges and bananas. 
Maybe it's different in the Netherlands, though. Like, maybe still having a close connection to its former colonies in Indonesia mean that Dutch people have a taste for star fruit? Or maybe there's a large immigrant population of SE Asians? 

There is a pretty large population from SE Asia here. The Netherlands is actually a really international place. I am shocked to see that at my local grocery store here in the 'burbs I can buy quinoa. I can't buy shredded cheddar cheese there, but quinoa I can! I am also siting here drinking a lychee flavored beverage! The Dutch as a whole, seem to quite enjoy most fruits. My future inlaws grow their own strawberries, apples, pears, and berries. 
You can see people at all hours of the day on the trains chomping down on an apple. What is called Forest Fruit Flavor is really popular here. It is basically mixed berries and you can get it in juice, candy, and tea form. I have yet to try it because, well, I just don't like berries.