Let's Talk About Stuff Baby!


It always takes me off guard when more often than not, I tell someone I am moving to the Netherlands and marrying at Dutchman, they ask me not about my upcoming nuptials or what I am going to be doing once I move there. Instead they say “OMG, I could never do that, what about your stuff?” As if their possessions weigh them down and are therefore I am supposed to be weighed down by mine.


Let’s talk about stuff shall we? Currently, my fiance lives in a one room apartment that is about the size of my current bedroom. It works for him, but we are moving into a brand new apartment that is currently being built in Utrecht. It is about 65sq meters or for those of you use to American, 699sq feet. Not big, but not really bad for a one bedroom apartment. There are going to be two of us living there. Loek already has a sofa, desk, entertainment system and coffee tables. As well as, an oven the size of a microwave, a 4 burner stovetop and a washer. (You get a box when you move into most apartments in NL, it is up to you to add the floor and appliances) We are buying a new bed because something in the apartment has to be my style as well as a new closet or two because Loek’s is falling apart and I love me some clothes.( Very Undutch I know.)

When I leave the States in October, I will be taking Atticus as my personal Item, a carry on doctors bag by DVF, I die, I got it for 60! Then I am checking two rolling duffels, one is the biggest suitcase per cubic cm I could find.( A Kaitlin packing tip: Duffels fit more than traditional suitcases) With these three bags, I plan on taking all the stuff that matters to me in the world. Okay, maybe that is not entirely true, I left 4 Albert Heijn sinaasappels (oranges) boxes of stuff in Loek’s apartment when I visited in April.

My DVF Bag


In the next week, I am going to do a series about how I chose what to take, how I freed myself from my possessions and how I learned that stuff doesn’t really matter, it is the experiences you have and the person you love that make you who you are. I would love to hear back from you as to your struggles with stuff, or how you were able to purge your junk.



So...I've been watching Hoarders all week. I'm archiving at work, which means I don't need my computer and I'm doing a mindless task. So, I've been streaming Hoarders non-stop. This post is refreshing after spending about 7 hours today watching people who can't even get rid of their garbage! Good for you! :)

I think that when someone in your fam is a hoarder, you go one of two ways. Very glad I went the non-scary way!

I've been slowly going through all my stuff and getting rid of things. As my yogi told me "make sure that everything in your home HAS a home." I've been decluttering and making sure everything has a place. When I visit my love this fall I plan on bringing some things to leave. I wish we were getting a new apartment, but I don't think that will happen until I get residency and find a job. Even then we're contemplating staying in his place until we decide to buy a home since he's been living there for 15 years. Speaking of tiny...his place is about 45m2!

He's also a DJ so in addition to records, cds, and equipment everywhere we have to make room for my cooking mags and books!

I think it is funny the things we choose to latch onto. With stuff, generally I forget about it in a few days even though it seems hard to let go.