The Last Queen's Day

Yesterday, we here in the Netherlands welcomed in our new monarchs. That's right, we now have a king, King Willem Alexander. I could go more into the monarchy, and maybe one day I will, but what is important for now is that yesterday was not only Queen's Day, next year we will have King's Day, but that it was the last one for the foreseeable future. Last year, the Verlo and I braved the trains and ventured up to Amsterdam. This year with the stepping down of the Queen taking place in Amsterdam, we decided to forgo the insane crowd and stay in Utrecht, after all, I have never celebrated Queen's Day in my home city. 

One thing I noticed is that in Amsterdam the crowds are everywhere, in Utrecht they are in a few key areas around the city. I also noticed a lot more performers in Utrecht that I did last year, but that could just be that I walked around and last year we found a great spot and stayed there. Either way, Queen's Day is awesome!

There was music everywhere!

These kids were playing Smoke on the Water, pretty impressive at their age!

And these girls were singing the Andrew's Sisters, I love how eclectic the city is. 

One of the things about Queen's Day is that it is the only day of the year where markets are free to have. Hence you get everyone sharing their junk! 

This little girl was dressed as Pippi Longstocking. Fun fact about me, the year I went as Pippi for Halloween was my favorite costume ever!

And of course, some people party a bit too hard. I have no idea where this guy thought he was going to climb to, but he was unsuccessful. 

Off course, you need to have lots of orange decorations!

The Dutch may love Willem's wife, the newly crowned Queen Maxima, even more than the king.

Have you ever been in the Netherlands for Queen's Day?



I watched the whole thing on TV. I missed being in the middle of it but it was also great to take it easy and enjoy it from a distance.

We saw those same two girls dancing in your second photo! I think we saw the same "Andrew Sisters" performers, too. The crowds seemed larger last year, and in past years. I think lots of people were staying home to watch the events on tv. Of course, the crowds were still pretty massive in areas, just not as massive as in past years! The vrijmarkt definitely had fewer people on display.

Looks fun! :)

Ha, yes, I like Utrecht way better than Amsterdam for Queensday. I lived in both cities for several years and Amsterdam's parties are on a completely different level of public insanity, I think. The 'vrijmarkt'  actually has much more space for children, there is less chance of drunken uproar.. At the same time, I do like that there was an explicit space to protest the momarchy in Amsterdam - something I could not find in Utrecht at all. 
I wonder if the festivities will change for Kingsday, but I also wonder what will happen 30/40 years from now, when Amalia takes over :)

I'm also looking forward to seeing how things will change. Maybe even more crazy since we do have the beer prince as king now. 

As an American in the Netherlands with my Dutch boyfriend I was excited to be able to see the events around Queens Day! We spent the day in Rhenen which was very quaint and festive! I loved all the little children selling their wares and came home with suitcase full of Dutch 'spookjesboeken" to help me with my Dutch! Thanks for sharing your photos!