11 Ways to Have a Better Day When Life Hands You Sleazeballs.

Yesterday, was the worst day at work I have had in a really long time. A client I have been working on for DAYS is actually not eligible for our service which means that none of the work I did counts and there is no way I can catch up on my target for the month. And then I ugly cried. I have these really annoying ticks, where I laugh when I am scared or nervous and I cry when I am mad or frustrated. Kelly Cuthrone would be so ashamed of me. To top it all off, I then went on to make sales calls and was told by one man that I had a really sexy voice and that the business had been turned into a brothel. It hasn't of course, this was his way of getting rid of me. So very professional. 

Needless to say, I was in quite the mood yesterday. Which was the inspiration for this post. So, I present to you 11 ways to have a better day when life hands you sleazeballs.

  1. Hug your cat or dog, or borrow one to hug. Lulu does a lot to improve my mood, she is so pretty and has been really loving lately. Spend some time with an animal and be instantly cheered up.
  2. Plan your future. If your job has got you down, start thinking of an escape plan. Do you want to travel the world, start your own business, or go back to school? Start planning now and remember that your situation can be temporary. 
  3. Learn a new skill. Take a few minutes and completely focus on learning a new thing. Anything will do. 
  4. Go for a walk. Just escape the situation and unplug for a bit in the fresh air. 
  5. Talk it out. Sometimes you just need to vent you know. 
  6. Clean. Just really work out your frustrations with a little elbow grease. 
  7. Obliterate the offender in fiction. Turn your bad day into inspiration for a story or blog post. 
  8. Start a budget. I personally get a thrill seeing how much money I spend and how much money I could be saving. Plus keeping on top of your fiances will go a long way towards less stress in your life.
  9. Move some money into savings. Even if it is just five dollars, you will feel better.
  10. Watch this video of a side by side comparison of Kanye's Bound 2 you video (can we all agree this is the worst song ever made?) with Seth Rogan and James Franco's spoof. 
  11. Tell yourself that tomorrow will be a better day and believe it. 

What do you do to get over a bad day?

Until next time,





Sorry you had a bad day. :(  On my bad days I like to destress by having a candle lit bath. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving and a better tomorrow!

Thank you Sophia! I would love to have a bath, but Dutch apartments... Have a very happy Thanksgiving!