Kaitlin's Guide to March in Utrecht

Isn't it always the case that you find out about a great event the day it is happening? Or, you browse a ton of sites looking for what is interesting to you, but you are 5 pages deep and everything has to do with techno music or mommy and me? Sorry, just tried to think of things I have no interest in. I mean this happens to you too, right? Which is why I have decided to put together a guide for people like me on what to do in the Netherlands each month. 

Let's start with Utrecht, because well this is where I live.


  • Cafe Theater Festival: March 1st-3rd, Various Locations. FREE. Even if you don't speak Dutch, this free festival which happens in cafes throughout the city will be entertaining, All you have to do is look at the schedule and go to the performances of your choice. Last year, Loek and I stumbled in on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Unfortunately, I'm home sick today and have to work all weekend. 
  • Big Spring Sale: March 3rd, 13:00 to 17:00, Utrecht Central Library Branch. This sale of movies, cds, and books is a great place to get some materials for practicing your dutch.
  • Stitch 'n BitchEvery Tuesday, 19:30, Winkel Van Sinkel. FREE. Bring your knitting needles and engage in some gossip every Tuesday.
  • Delivered Ideals- Peace of Utrecht: March 11th, 20:00, Academy Building University of Utrecht. FREE. I am sure I mentioned before that this year marks the 300th anniversary of Treaty of Utrecht. As such the University is putting on a series of lectures about peace in our times. Lectures are in English.
  • Rock-a-oke: March 16, 21:30, Stairway to Heaven. FREE. Have you ever sung karaoke with a live band? I have once and it reaffirmed everyone's belief that I should never, ever be allowed to sing in public. But it was really fun! You can live like a rock star for just one night.
  • Jesus Christ Superstar: March 25th, 20:00, Beatrix Theater, 30 Euros. I have a thing for Rock Operas, I have no idea what language this will be in and I'm particularly broke this month. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't go!

Did I miss something awesome? Let me know! Tomorrow, we will check out what is happening in the rest of the Netherlands. 




Sunday is this month's Cultural Sunday. They're doing Kijken Kijken Kopen again. They'll have an Utrecht wine tasting over at the Stadhuisplein starting around noon, among other events.
There's also some sort of Nordic Delight Festival in town this weekend at dB studios and NUtrecht. Basically food, music, comedy, and general Nordic culture.
There's also the Echt Waar Bazaar off the Oudegracht. It's fair-trade shopping and stuff.

I was purposely skipping stuff on Sunday, because I am uber jealous that I have to work all day! 

Wow, Utrecht is really pretty!!! Well, at least that picture is :)
I'll be sure to check with you to see what's going on around the time of my trip next year! You seem to have your ear to the ground 

Utrecht is really pretty, and it is a lot older than the more popular city to the North

There will be an exposition at the Central Museum in Utrecht exploring how Blue Jeans evolved historically from the start, as garments for workers, through fashion along the years.
More info in the linsk below:
It will be running until March 10, so this is the last week to get to see it (and next weekend).

I wanna come visit you in Utrecht again this month!