6 Reasons Trains are Better than Cars

Audrey Hepburn

I do not miss driving. Seriously, the process to get a driver's license in this country is insane and I have no desire to have one again. I quite enjoy my daily commutes by train. Sure, it can be annoying when they are slightly late, and I hate not finding a seat, but these things are rare enough that the trade isn't even comparable. Here are 9 reasons trains are better than cars. 

1. I get more done in my daily commute. When I lived in the US, I would drive to work each way for at least 30 minutes. In that time, I could only accomplish one thing, drive. In the same amount of time on a train, I can read, study, or do my homework from the night before. I can also eat my lunch or dinner. I can plug in my computer. My commute is no longer a time suck, I am more productive. 

2. There are bathrooms on the intercity's. A little background, in the Netherlands there are sprinters which stop at every train station along the route, or there are intercity's which stop only at major stations. Intercity's have bathrooms on board. While I have never used on personally, it is comforting to know that if I needed to I could. Unlike in a car where you have to find somewhere to pull over and go. 

3. Trains are better for the environment. If there are 100 people on a train, that is 100 cars that are not on the road. The carbon footprint is less.

4. Traffic sucks. Let's face it sitting in traffic is a bummer. I would much rather be the person in the train whizzing past the cars stuck in traffic. 

5. The view is better. Even though I take the same train from Utrecht Centraal to Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena four to five days a week, I always see something new when I glance out the window. If you are going to a new city, this can be even more exciting. 

6. Trains are romantic. For me, traveling by train makes me feel more European. Like Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Or another equally glamorous film star of Hollywood's Golden Era. For me train travel is like being in an old movie or reading Agatha Christie. There is a pure sense of romance about being on a train.

I love trains, for me they are the best way to travel. My ultimate travel dream is to do all the great train routes of the world.

Who's coming with me?


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I always say this when my American friends and family balk at the fact that I don't have a car here. Trains are the way to go!

Although, when you almost miss a final because of a late train, that can cause a moment of car envy! 

I can not argue with any of those points. I would hate driving to work. The first point is the main one for me. If I didn't have my train jurney I don't think I would ever get anything written for my blog.

Then those of us who read your blog are very happy you have to take the train! 

I just moved to Amsterdam from Dallas Texas, a place where people live their lives in their cars. I've always hated driving. This land of trains, buses and trams is paradise!

Welcome to the Netherlands! Just wait until Winter, then you will have a week or two of missing your car when you are waiting on a late bus in the snow! But, you'll get over it! 

I agree, I gave up my car a year ago. Since then the train has become my perferred method of transportation. The best part for me is that you can drink on the train.

There is just something special about trains. Due to our villas in south of France that are booked from the UK we are often asked about trains (particularly Eurostar and the high speed TGV) vs. cars. We often recommend the train due to the scenery, but it also has some practical reasons. Our favourite is the possibility to take the night train, sleep in a couchette and arrive refreshed in Cannes or Nice in the morning.
For reads who consider driving within France on their way to a holiday destination, the 2012 Breathalysers Law is something worth nothing down, another great reason too use the train I guess ;) Though it is on hold for now.
Thanks for sharing.