This Week In Instagram Vol.6

This week has been a whirlwind of emotions. I am happy to report that I have them now mostly in check. Sometimes, a girl has just got to vent! Especially when she is an obsessive life planner who calls and checks on things at least twice before making her decisions, only to have been told the wrong information. But I digress. I also didn't take that many photos with my phone this week. That is because we got my phone bill and it was 35 Euros over what it was supposed to be. I thought maybe that had to do with my data usage. I have no sense of direction and last month there was a lot of traveling to new places for interviews and to meet up with new friends, so I thought maybe my incessant use of Google Maps and GPS was taking its toll. But no, apparently the problem is I talk too much! This should come as no surprise to people who know me in real life. Probably a few readers could have also guessed that I am very loquacious. My plan for the next phone bill ends in 3 days and I am already 13.50 over. So, the moral dear friends is expect a lot more texts from me to coordinate plans. But, the good news is my data usage is hardly anything. So more pictures! 

As I mentioned in the happier of my two posts this week, on Sunday the Verlo- and I stumbled upon Zumba at the Domplein. Here are some more shoots I took with my phone. As you can see, the weather was yucky, but dancing sure was fun!

Then I caught Mr. Atticus looking adorbs. Seriously, I might be partial, but you would be hard pressed to find a cuter cat. Just look at those furry toes!

I don't know if you know, but the European Championships for Football (Soccer) are happening right now. Voetbal is huge here in The Netherlands. Stores have been stock piling oranje gear for weeks! Holland is in what is know as the Group of Death, with Germany, Denmark, and Portugal. Our first game was last night against Denmark. I went all out with my adorable lion mane that we got for buying a lot of Holland Edition MM's. Too bad we lost! Even though we had possession of the ball I'm guessing 95% of the game. We just had a bit of trouble with too much heat on the ball, as our shoots kept flying over the goal post. Oh and Denmark's goal was absolute shite. Seriously, luck was not on our side. Next up we get to play Germany who beat Portugal last night.

Next week I promise to be in a better mood! I am excited for my inburgering classes to finally begin on Tuesday, but the shy kid I was in high school is starting to sneak back in. I am convinced that I will have to introduce myself in Nederlands before the class that already knows each other, so I have been rehearsing what to say about myself all week! Yep, I'm nerd. Also, this was my first full week of giving up soda, and I have been exponentially more tired. Next week, I'll be consuming more coffee.

What did your week look like?





I noticed you use your "Instagram" app alot! I love it! I will be moving to Amsterdam from the U.S. in late July and I currently have an iPhone through Verizon. Could you give me some informaton on the type of cell phone service plan you have? For example, do you use your iPhone soley for Wifi or are you able to get 3G service?

Hey Carolyn! Thanks for finding my blog. I do use my iPhone a ton! I have a plan from Hi! Which is one of the many providers we have here. My only complaint is that my phone bill has been over the past few months, but that is purely my fault as I have recently made some good friends here and we haven't learned that there are no free nights and weekends! I'm supposed to pay around 40 a month, when I don't go over. I think that is for 500mb and 75 minutes. Each text counts as half a minute. But don't quote me on that.
There is 3G everywhere here. Seriously, the only time I have ever had trouble connecting to the internet is when I am below ground in a train station.
How exciting that you are moving! You are going to love it! I do! Well, most days!

Thanks for letting me know! I have so many questions about moving to the NL and it seems I get the best answers from expats living there now. One more questions regarding your iPhone; did you purchase your phone in the NL or did you have it "unlocked" in the U.S. and then set up your service once you were in the NL?

No problem, I actually really love answering questions, so ask away! You can always email me by clicking the mail button on my Let's Get Connected tab.
I actually bought my phone here. I think it was 80 Euros with a two year plan.