What A Brand New Dutch Apartment Looks Like!

While I was partying hard this weekend, Loek was working on our brand new apartment! He picked up the 8 keys that we were supplied with on Friday. As well as, going to ikea to pick up our new floor. Saturday and Sunday he prepared the walls for wall paper. Today, my fantastic future in-laws have been working on putting up wallpaper and fixing our concrete walls so I can one day paint them. Hopefully, this week the walls get done, and Loek can start to put down our floor. 

Since we got the apartment a week later than we were expecting to, Loek will not be moved in until the weekend after I land. I expect to have to help him pack up his stuff after I land. Which is fine as I am now an expert packer! I promise to keep you all updated on our progress as it goes. But for now, please watch our video! 




It looks like you get a lot of light, which is always a nice thing. I'm downright envious of your large sink in the shower room. We have a ridiculously tiny bathroom and the sink is about the size of the ones the dentists have. ;) I hope all the flooring/painting/papering goes smoothly!

Thanks! I like it, well I like the pictures. I am glad I get to miss out on most of the handy work! I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by our shower room. It looked a lot tinier in the floor plan! Loek and I spent months trying to arrange the furniture on the plan and now it won't work because of some heater placement. Oh well!

Can't wait to see the "after" pictures!! :) We'll have to get on Skype and you can do the super awkward "walking the laptop around your apartment to give the tour" manuever! That's Skype gold right there! :)

How very nice that you have all these people to help you get moved into your house. I hope everything goes smoothly! :)