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I'll Be Missing You! Besties Edition!

I have been thinking a lot lately about the big change that is going to take place in my life in just a few short months. There are certain things I know I will miss, so until I leave, I am going to honor those persons, places and things, I will miss with my Thursday posts! These are in no way in order so if you are not mentioned until a later post, it doesn’t mean anything.

Up first, the Besties! I have been truly lucky to have been friends with my two best friends since I was 11 years old.  Christy and Hayley. I met Christy in the 6th grade, I made the very brave move of going up to her in gym class and asking if she rode bus 14. I had seen her playing in her front yard the day we moved into our new house. Christy said yes and invited me to hangout after school. She introduced me to her friend Hayley, who lived a few houses down.Growing up, the 3 of us were inseparable. I think I spent as much time at Christy’s house as I did my own, it was after all one house down and across the street. Our favorite activity was walking around the block, which we did everyday. Man, we were so thin then! The three of us have a quirky sense of humor and have a pretty decent moral center,so we never really got in too much trouble. I can honestly say that besides my cousins, Christy and Hayley had the biggest influence on my formative years. I would not be who I am without having known them.

After high school, the three of us took pretty separate paths. Christy and Hayley went to college at Georgia Southern and I went to State. I later transferred to Southern, but Hayley was no longer there. We hung out still but not as much as before, your college years are meant for exploration. 

Christy was the first of us to get married. She and her husband Scott live in a small town, okay I don’t actually know that you can even call it that, they live in the sticks. They both attend grad school and are very content in their life out in the country living on lots of land. I would go insane! Christy and Scott are that annoying couple who knows what the other is thinking and who laughs honestly at the others not funny jokes. Not that they aren’t a funny couple,but they have a lot of inside couple jokes. 

Hayley was the first one of us to have a baby. Little Leland born right after I got back from Holland in April! She married Julian last year. Julian is in med school and is about to do his clinicals in Warner Robbins, Ga. I am truly glad that her and Christy will now be less than two hours from each other. It makes me feel a little less bad about leaving them to go get married in Holland. I am extremely lucky in that I think that both of my best friends married decent men, who truly love them.

Not everyone gets to have friendships that last as long as ours. True friends are the kind that you can not talk to for months because your lives get so busy and you can pick up the friendship exactly where it left off. I was lucky enough to participate in both their weddings as the baker of their wedding cakes, and as a bridesmaid in Christy’s wedding. (Hayley was smart and eloped!) Even though, I didn’t get to see them as often as I would have liked to in our 20’s, it is weird to think that we will not even live in the same state and that they have never even met the man I am going to marry. To Hayley and Christy, I love you guys so much! 


Preparation Tuesdays, only slightly less painful than Preparation H!

I realize that a lot of people are interested in just how one moves to Europe from the States. This is a difficult task if you are not in the military, have a job that few in the world can do, or you are not in love with a European who is willing to sponsor you. Even meeting one of these simple requirements makes the task of moving your entire life across the Atlantic Ocean difficult. Each Tuesday, I plan to discuss the ways I have prepared to take this big step:
They say best things in life are free, but they wont move you to Europe. That’s right kids, you need money. For me, I needed money for my visa, about 1300 US. Money for my plane ticket about 1200 US, because of my adorable cat Atti, I needed to fly only certain airlines and I wanted a non stop flight. Money for Atticus’ vet bills. Enough savings for my insurance there for about 6 month and enough to continue paying off my student loans for 6 months. You see, with the type of visa I have, I can’t work until my residency visa is approved so my poor fiancee is stuck supporting my ass, 1950’s style for about 3 months, or longer until I can find a job. Any additional money I can save in my time here will go towards buying a new bed in Holland, trust me, we need it; and paying for our wedding, which will happen at some point in 2012. (Don’t rush me, one life changing step at a time). I will also need a new winters coat.

I just really started saving for my move in mid April. I had some other expenses I had to pay down first. I am really lucky that I have very little in the way of bills, about 500 a month, including my current car payment. Right before I went to Holland in Aprik, I moved back in with my mom, so that was almost an entire paycheck a month going back in my pocket. I am very lucky that my mom has been allowing me to live scott-free because she knows how much I miss Loek and the sooner we are together the better.

I have thee pieces of finical advise that have worked wonders for me. Even if you aren’t planning a transcontinental move, I think they can work for everyone. Here are my suggestions.

1. Know where your money goes. Write down all your spending for a month. I mean everything. I have a magazine obsession as well as a redbox dependency that I kicked to the curb after seeing how much money I was spending. Did you know that you can easily waste over $100.00 dollars in just eating your lunch out? Find out where you are hemorrhaging money and put a stop to it. Look for better alternatives, for example: I now check out magazines for free from my local library. A big place that you are spending money is probably where you live. If you are renting, do you really need a place that big? Probably not, just wait until I post pics of the size of my new apartment in Holland!

2. Pay yourself first, or out of sight out of mind. If you are like me, and you pay different amounts out of different paychecks, it might not work for you to have an amount directly deposited into a savings account each month. What I do instead, is work out a budget for each paycheck as to my expenses, some free just in case money and finally the amount I would like to save. I then schedule a transfer for the day I get paid so that the money will go into my savings account.

3. Have something you are planning for. You are not going to save nearly as much money if you start savings account just because you feel you should. For me, being able to be with Loek everyday is more important than a new pair of shoes or a few beers out at a restaurant. Have something in mind and you will be amazed at how easy tiny sacrifices can be to make.

What are some of the ways you save money? Leave a comment, seriously I would love some input here.


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Let Freedom Ring! My last 4th of July as a US Resident.

Today is the 4th of July, also known as Independence Day here in the United States of America. The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays, when fireworks go off it instantly reminds me of days spent going to downtown Lawrenceville with my two best friends. We would all pile in the back of Christy's moms Surburban and arrive hours before the festivities. Us girls would walk around, but when the fireworks began it was magical.
This is the last 4th of July I might ever spend living in the United States. I put this enormous amount of pressure on myself to really due it up right. Last week, I was so worried about what I was going to do because it is my last that I completely lost sight of the true meaning of the holiday. That people fought and died so that we could be free. That freedom includes my ability to move clear across the World to be with the love of my life.  
In case you were wondering, this is how I spent my Independence Day weekend:  
Saturday, I spent a long day in bed. Then I watched the food network all day long. Sometimes it feels fantastic just to enjoy the art of doing nothing.  
Sunday, again I woke up late, then The Lord of the Rings was on tv, and I am a girl who loves Middle Earth. I also went suitcase shopping with my mom, lets just say, I came, I saw, I dropped some cash, but more about that later. I then went with my mom to meet some friends at the fireworks in Old Town Norcross. They were pretty good but they didn't have my favorites. What I call spermies, because after the burst they go off in white little curly cues. Yes, I'm kinda gross. Oh and, I had a freaking awesome snow cone. Mango and lime!  
The 4th: I woke up freaking early and went with my mom to go see Larry Crowne. It was both adorable and inspiring. I left with 2 things, one, I want to go back to college, I never actually got my degree so maybe the University of Utrecht is in my future and two, I really want Loek and I to get a vespa! I then went and got the suitcase I had my eye on yesterday, because I was still fawning over it today. We had some family friends with their 4 year old come over. Oh, and I forgot, I made cupcakes! and of course I talked to Loek. All and all, it was a perfect weekend!
How did you spend your 4th?        


New Bed Spread!

Loek and I have slightly different design aesthetics, after all he is male and Dutch; which basically means he is very logic and utilitarian in his choices. I on the other hand, am an American. Even though, I never thought of myself as a consumer driven person, according to Loek- I want too much. But more on that later.
When I move to Utrecht, I will be moving into a brand new apartment. Now, most places in the Netherlands, when you rent them that means basically you get a box. It is up to the tenant to put in the floor and the light fixtures as well as any appliances. With so much to think about and the possibilities being endless; is it really a wonder I change my mind hourly about what I want our place to look like?
While I was in Utrecht in April, Loek and I decided on what bed we are going to buy for our new place. Our only new furniture purchase for a while because we have a wedding to plan and I will be unemployed for a while. Since then, the conversation about the color of our room has been endless. Our room is going to be tiny but with two huge windows so light will not be a problem ( ie, it will not feel cave like). 
Finally yesterday I took the plunge and bought a duvet cover from Urban Outfitters- thank you summer sale and free shipping to my house in the States, now I just have to decide what color to paint the room. What do you think readers? 

As a complete aside, Urban Outfitters had fantastic customer service today. I bought this yesterday for $79.99 and when I showed it off today it was $49.99. They are crediting the difference, that is awesome! So nice!
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I Want to Ride My Bicycle. I Want to Ride My Bike.

Have you heard about the Dutch and their bicycles? I can assure you that is one stereotype that is 100% true. Dutch people ride bikes, be they 80 years old, 3 on the back of their mother’s bikes or like 9 months pregnant. There is even a story about the Germans stealing Dutch Bicycles during WW2.
What is not to love right, Holland is the perfect place for a leisurely bike ride. The country is almost completely flat and there are these great bike lanes, separated from the cars (Imagine that America) that makes getting around on a bike super convenient. Unfortunately, this posses a problem for me. The last time I was on a bicycle I was 16, so about 9 years ago. I went Mountain Biking with my first real boyfriend because I wanted to be impressive. I wasn’t. Since then, I have been a little scared to get on a bike, I have an innate sense of protection of my body from anything that could cause physhical pain. Plus, riding a bike in most states, Georgia included is terrifying. I mean you have to ride in the road, with the cars! Needless to say, I am slightly embarrassed by this fact and am afraid that I will be laughed at when I try in the Netherlands. I am sure there will be lots of falling down and scraped elbows. Not to mention, even when I was little, using the brakes was never something I was able to do effectively. And, I know there is that expression when you do something that you haven’t done in a long time it is like riding a bicycle. Well, that is a bunch of crap. You aren’t just instantly able to get back into it.
However, I really do like the idea of riding a bicycle. I always really wanted to be in the scene in Wedding Crasher where Rachel McAdams character is riding her bike serenely. She seems so carefree sans helmet. I picture being able to do this and what my bike will look like. It will be a lady bike of course, with a basket for flowers in the front and a saddle bag on the back for groceries. I am not too picky about color, I just want it to be feminine. I would ride it everywhere-to the City Center of Utrecht, around Lisse along the flower fields.,up to the coast. My bike and I will be inseparable, especially since I will not have a car for the first time in 10 years. If only I could get over myself and learn to ride. Do you think if there were more places to ride your bike in the States you would?


Stereotypes and Ignorances

 People have all sorts of stereotypical ideas about other cultures: The French are rude, Germans are militant and direct, all Russians are mobsters, Americans have a crappy education system-Hey one of those is unfortunately true.  you get it, I don’t need to go on. Most of the time, these opinions are based on word of mouth or what we see on television. A lot of these stereotypes come from ignorance for other cultures norms.
It is my opinion that if you go to a place thinking that its people are a certain way, you will never be disappointed by lack of evidence. If you go with an open-mind you will be surprised about how most of the assumptions you had were wrong. When I met Loek’s friends for the first time, I was extremely nervous about what they thought about Americans, (Would they ask me about the Bush years? Would they think that I talked like the Jersey Shore cast? Yes, that show has even made it to The Netherlands.) I was arming myself for what stereotypes I would have to overcome, after all, I was an American.
Much to my relief, the only questions I was asked were about dining habits. I was asked if I ate pancakes everyday like the Americans on tv. To which I answered that I haven’t had a pancake in probably a year and that I live in the South so I eat a lot more waffles, because of Waffle House which is open 24 hours a day. (Man, am I going to miss the hashbrowns)They also asked me if in America it was polite to eat with a hand in your lap. That one threw me for a loop. They explained that was how Americans ate on tv. It wasn’t until later in the week that I realized that when I was eating my left hand in my lap. I noticed that everyone around me was eating with both their knife and fork and I was using only my fork unless I was cutting something. Hence the assumption that it is polite to put your hand in your lap. Because I can’t really put it too many other places.
As I live in The Netherlands, I am sure I will encounter many cultural differences. I will do my best to describe them to my readers not from a place of ignorance but from more of an anthropological study, it was one of my 9 majors in college (some habits die hard)
Do you believe stereotypes about other cultures or do you make your own opinions when you travel?


Worry, Why Do I Let Myself Worry?

I don’t want come across as one of those people who don’t realize how truly blessed they are, you know, the ones who complain about the opportunities given to them that most people will never get to experience. That being said, moving to a completely different continent is proving to be more challenging than I could ever imagine. By nature I am a worrier. Seriously, it is the only thing about me that drives the fiancee nuts, (well, that and my constant planning, which comes hand in hand with being a worrier). Right now,here is what has me stressed. I am sure I share some of them with anyone about to embark on a big relocation. 

 Money: Let’s face it, money is almost always going to be an issue. I am worried about being let go from my current position because of all the rumors running rampant about me. ( I am not actually moving to Asia this summer, last I checked, The Netherlands is in Europe and I am not moving before October). I have to pay off some things before I move, I have to figure out what to do with my car. The exchange rate sucks for Americans, so even though I am saving lots of dollars, that doesn’t equate to lots of Euros. With the visa I am getting, it will be a few months until I can legally work and find a job. We will be living off of Loek’s salary and on a serious budget. While I realize that millions of people do this everyday, I have been basically supporting myself ever since I was 16, so having to rely on someone else is going to be tough for me. Add to that, trying to plan a wedding in Europe with plenty of notice so that friends and family from the US can be there without an income, is going to be tough.

Loneliness:  I am abnormally close to my mom. We currently live together, so that I can save money to move, we also work at the same company so we carpool together. Thankfully, we don’t work on the same floor because that would just be too much. I have never lived more than 4 hours by car from my mom. I have been to Europe more times without her though so maybe that will help me out a little. In addition to my mom, I am also super close with my half-sister who I full love and several cousins. I have a large and close knit family, many of whom, as much as I love them, will probably never make the plane ride over to see me.(wimps). I also have some great friends. I still talk to people from 1st grade and I made the wedding cakes for both of my best friends of the last 14 years (thats right Christy and Hayley, over half our lives). While I don’t get to see my friends as often as I would like, practically no one lives by me, it is comforting to know that we are mostly all still in the same state. I am worried that I won’t know where to meet people in Holland and Loek has the same problem I do, where everyone moved away after college. He also lives in a different town than any of his co-workers so they don’t hang out much outside of work. In the words of Paul Rudd’s character in one of my favorite movies ever, “I got to get some fucking friends”.

Other adjustments: Here are some of the changes that I am worried about with moving to a place that speaks a completely different language, and just does things differently- the Dutch are so logical! I am worried that I will not be able to cook the recipes that I have in my vast variety of cookbooks. I worry that I wont ever learn Dutch. That I won’t be able to find a job, that Loek will get tired of no longer having disposable income. That I will be seen as a tacky American. That Loek and I wont be compatible at living together,( he has never lived with a girl before). That there will be a problem with my visa. That my cat wont be able to come. That my mom wont be as close as Loek’s mom is to our future children. That no one will come to our wedding. That I won’t be able to sleep with it being sunny until 11pm during the summer. That I will be depressed with the cold and dark that comes with Winter. I know a lot of this is irrational, but I have already told you that I am a worrier.
How do you overcome your fears? This peach is open to suggestions!    


Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?

Welcome to my blog!  
The Who: My name is Kaitlin, I am in my mid twenties and newly engaged. I rock at jeopardy and I love beautiful things. I also have quite a snarky sense of humor, so you know if you are easily offended or you just don't like snark, this might not be the place for you. 
The What: This blog chronicles my journey; both preparing to move to Europe and the adjustments I will make after I am there. It is a way to keep my friends and family up to date on my life. As well as, a chance to make new friends. Drop me a line I would love to hear from you. 
The Where: Right now, I am based out of Atlanta, this fall I will be moving to Utrecht, Netherlands. Utrecht is the 4th largest city in the Netherlands. It has a beautiful city center, and most importantly, it is where my love is. 
The When: A month that ends in a -ber, that is all you are getting for now.
The Why: People have been asking why it is that I am moving there and he is not moving to the States. That's simple here are the reasons: Emigration to the States is tough for people in love. The Euro is stronger than the dollar. Loek can't drive a car and I don't particularly like it. I was an Art HIstory Major in College so where is better than Europe. I am obsessed with travel; as is Loek and most of where we want to explore is in Eurasia. So why is it called a Georgia Peach Abroad with the title being called Georgia Peach in Utrecht? Well, I was raised in Georgia and though I may not always like to admit it, I am a Southern Lady. 
The How: Loek built this blog for me so that is how you are getting content. As far as the whole how am I getting to move to Europe thing? You will just have to wait and read.